King’s Ginger: the Swiss Edition

Having encountered fellow adventurers Fabio and Cynthia in Siberia, we decided on a dangerous game of the King’s Cup… It could only have ended one way.


A dangerous game

On our third day of driving off Irkutsk we stopped by a café in search of a passable toilet and to get some Mors juice for our Talka Vodka and bumped into a Swiss couple on a grand adventure of their own.  Fabio and Cynthia were on their way back from Mongolia to Switzerland in their van, Frank.  After a brief chat and us both eyeing up the beer fridge we decided to set up camp together.  Fabio is a carpenter and it showed, the back of his car had drawers, a sliding bar counter, and a home made oven.  We got cracking on the beers then the vodka, then the Balsaam, then the King’s Ginger. We taught them how to play our favorite drinking game, The King’s Cup.  The King’s cup is a classic, but probably not in Switzerland as Fabio and Cynthia had never heard of it.  They soon got the hang of it and made some great new rules for it.

The King’s Ginger then made a welcome return for this international edition of “30 seconds of Bullshit”.

Fabio had travelled through Kazakhstan on his way to Mongolia and warned us of pot holes “the size of craters” that will “swallow your car whole”.  Frank, Fabio’s van, in a similar way to Betty has been inked up.  Rather than spray painting the car with countries and symbols like we do, Frank is covered with messages from the people they has met on their trip. So before we said our goodbyes we left frank a couple of messages including the complete rules to the King’s Cup.  Fabio also asked us to visit him in Switzerland “Come and visit us in the Swiss alps, make sure you come on a Thursday. On Thursdays we drink until morning!”. Looks like our European leg has a new destination.

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