Wilderness camp diaries: Kazakhstan

Chuck’s assiduous notes on the comfort level of camping in the middle of Kazakhastan’s stunning landscape.

Day 16


A rodent infested rocky outcrop

  • Location: 600km south of Astana just off the A3
  • Terrain: a rare rocky outcrop
  • What’s cooking? Sausage doners
  • Weather: lovely sun but very windy
  • Insect level: 1 Rodent level: 7
  • Morale: great
  • King’s ginger required? Nope

Day 17


Veg and rice party on farm land

  • Location: 170 Kms north west of Almaty just off the A3
  • Terrain: a farmers field
  • What’s cooking? Veg and rice
  • Weather: glorious
  • Insect level: 1
  • Morale: high
  • King’s ginger required? No

Day 18

A lake in the Ile Alatau National Park (source)

A lake in the Ile Alatau National Park (source)

  • Location: Ile-Alatau national park just south of Almaty
  • Terrain: mountain valley next to thunderous stream
  • What’s cooking? Spicy BBQ chicken with noodles and veg
  • Weather: overcast
  • Insect level: 1
  • Morale: fair to middling
  • King’s ginger required? No

Day 19


Clear skies in the Altyn-Emel national park (source)

  • Location: Illegally just inside the Altyn-Emel national park
  • Terrain: foothill
  • What’s cooking? Tuna, egg, and olive salad with bread
  • Weather: clear skies
  • Insect level: 1
  • Morale: little low due to after dark campsite find
  • King’s ginger required? Yes but just a sip

Day 20-21


We stayed put for two days in Charyn Canyon

  • Location: Charyn Canyon
  • Terrain: Bottom of the canyon on the banks of the roaring Charyn river
  • What’s cooking? Veg curry, stir fried veg and sausage
  • Weather: beautiful sunshine
  • Insect level: 1
  • Morale: sky high
  • King’s ginger required? No but bottle of Captain Morgan’s spiced rum most definitely required

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